+05 Piece Of Food That Are Going To Make You Say,,,,

“I Know It’s Just A Piece Of Food, But It Sure Looks Alive”

11. This piece of toast that looks like a playful lil’ pup peeking out of a toaster.


10. This burger that looks like it’s sticking its tongue out, taunting you.


09. These slices of meat that look like they’re striking a sexy pose.


08. The space between these eggs that looks like the silhouette of a man screaming


07. This parfait that looks like a nemesis of Batman ready to terrorize Gotham City.


06. This yolk that looks like it went rogue and is gleefully posed amongst its fellow eggs.


05. This cupcake that overflowed and totally looks like a sad



04. This chocolate cake that looks like there’s an evil spirit living within it.


03. This carrot that looks like it’s sassily posed after breakdancing or putting on some sort of epic performance


02. This tomato that straight up looks like a rubber ducky fully ready to be in a bathtub.


01. This salsa container’s condensation that looks like a grumpy gorilla.


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