13 Extreme Celebrity Fitness Transformations

Though you may think they usually have to be perfectly in shape just to get into Hollywood in the first place, this often isn’t the case. There are many celebrities who either wanted to improve an already fit physique or to go from overweight to fit. Whatever the motivation, some of these stars have been very impressive in their body transformations. The following are 13 examples:

Joe Manganiello
Joe was never actually in poor shape when he was in the public eye, but he has taken it to a whole new level. When he took on the part of the werewolf Alcide in True Blood, he amped up his workout routine and became really big and muscular, shedding a lot of fat as well. His abs alone have been transformed in a huge way, much more defined and shredded than they were before. He had always wanted to be big and muscular, so he decided to restrict his calorie intake significantly. Manganiello also adhered to a strict workout routine, focusing on chest and legs on Monday and Thursday, zeroing in on shoulders and biceps on Tuesday and Friday, and doing his back and triceps on Wednesday and Saturday. He also made sure to do 45 minutes of daily cardio in the mornings.

13-Paul Rudd

Paul started to centre his life around fitness and did this so that he could get in shape for his role in Ant-Man, the upcoming Marvel movie. He took carbs and alcohol out of his diet for an entire year, and he did some intense workouts as well, which involved “flips and rolls and all that kind of stuff.”

12-Jake Gyllenhaal

In order to fit his role as a champion boxer in Southpaw, Gyllenhaal gained 30 pounds, including 15 pounds of pure muscle. He did not go on an incredibly strict diet, but he did work out intensely. Gyllenhaal ate protein at night and carbs during the day. In the beginning, he would work out for three hours a day and then amped it up to a whopping six hours per day (three hours of boxing every morning, and three hours of cardio, strengthening, and conditioning in the nighttime).

11-Adrien Brody

He had already lost a lot of weight (30 pounds) to fit his role in The Pianist, but he then had a new role as Royce in Predators and had to put on 25 pounds of muscle.  In order to achieve this muscular look, he removed all sugar and alcohol from his diet and lifted heavy weights six days a week.

10-Gerard Butler

In order to prepare for his role as King Leonidas in 300, he watched what he ate copiously and made sure to eat every couple of hours. He also did intense workouts for four months. He did the 300-rep Spartan workout, which included pull-ups, deadlifts, jumps and weight lifting. Â He did all of this taking no break in between sets. Additionally, he would do gymnastics-style ring training and tire flipping.

09-Bradley Cooper

To shape up for his role in The A-Team as Templeton “Faceman” Peck, Cooper gained muscle and lost fat in order to shred his midsection. He took out sugar, flour, and salt from his diet and stopped eating sandwiches as well. He also did a lot of strength and core training for two hours every day with a personal trainer.

08-Steve Harvey

Harvey started the 50 and Fly campaign in response to realizing he wasn’t in great shape. He announced in October of 2010 that he was going on a liquid diet with the goal of losing 21 pounds in 21 days, and he worked out quite a bit as well. He did a great deal of lifting and circuit training, in addition to cardio.

07-Drew Carey

Because he was “tired of being fat,” this comedian and actor, who had long been known for his chubby frame, lost 70 pounds in only five months. He stripped his diet down to yogurt, fruit, egg whites, lean meats, and water. He also does a lot of running, which is a part of his strict cardio program. Carey no longer has the Type 2 diabetes with which he was once diagnosed, and he says he still does not eat carbs.

06-Christian Bale

Bale bulked up to 220 pounds, after having gone from 180 to 120. He played an unhealthy and anorexic character in The Machinist and then built his strength back up to play Batman in The Dark Knight. Having messed up his metabolism with starvation, in order to bulk up, Bale had to kickstart his system and used plyometric circuit training, weight workouts, and resistance training to do so. He also did many lunges, sprints, squats, high pulls, and chin-ups, in addition to martial arts.

05-John Goodman

Having been long known as a large man, Goodman lost 100 pounds because he wanted to live a healthier life. He started doing cardio workouts, including running, six days a week. While he was not on a strict diet, he cut out alcohol and sugar and made sure to be more aware of what he was eating.

04-Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth added 20 pounds of muscle by eating an increased amount; he did this for his part as Thor in Thor. He ate many fibre-rich vegetables, non-processed carbs, and high-protein foods. He also intensified his workout routine to include more lifting with variations in reps, speed, and weights.

03-Michael Moore

Moore lost 70 pounds because he was tired of being overweight and wanted to be healthier. He checked into the Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa and got into the habit of eating fiber-rich foods and trying to fill himself up with the lowest amount of calories possible. He does not do intense workouts and says that his goal was to “eat less crap and move around more.”

01-Randy Jackson

Jackson lost 100 pounds through gastric bypass surgery after finding out that he had Type 2 diabetes.

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