Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Signs of a Toxic Relationship,

Ten early signs of a toxic relationship, being head over heels in love is a wonderful feeling but if you absolutely, can’t stop thinking about someone and if, your mood depends entirely on whether or, not they called or texted you today then, you might be prone to having an, unhealthy emotional dependence on others, and this often turns into a vicious, circle of toxic relationships.
but if you, know the early signs it becomes much, easier to find a way out of

you immediately think you found the,love of your life I’m sure you know,someone or perhaps you’re the one who, after a first date races home ready to, shout from the rooftops I’m in love I, found my soul mate sadly though this is, usually just wishful thinking, after meeting someone who gives you,butterflies wait for some time until you, cool off to see how you feel if you find, yourself falling crazy in love with,someone you don’t really know that well, take a break every few days to be on, your own and do something to distract, yourself from thinking about this person,

you idealize your partner, too much at the beginning of any new, relationship it’s important to listen, more than speak and the key is to listen, carefully if a person casually says, something like I’m not the easiest, person to live with, pay attention they’re most likely giving,you a heads up about their true selves,there’s no need to selflessly reassure,people that it’s nothing we’ll manage, when someone throws in warnings like, these they actually mean maybe even, subconsciously that they don’t think, you’re right for the people who, genuinely want to be with you will, always try to show themselves from their, best side,

you neglect friends to, please your partner never stop seeing, your friends when you enter a,relationship it’s better to introduce, your partner to your friends early on,they might notice something that you, don’t and keep you from getting yourself, into a toxic relationship if your, partner doesn’t want to meet your, friends and relatives this is a big red,flag it could mean that they don’t feel,that the,relationship is all that serious of,course when you first start dating, someone it’s natural to be focused on,this one person so even if you don’t,start blowing off your friends just to,be with your love interest you might be,tempted to talk nonstop about them,whenever you are with your pals but keep,in mind that they might not want to hear,endless stories revolving solely around,the person you’re dating.

 you abandon your hobbies just like your, friends don’t forget about your favourite, activities and hobbies either a new love, interest should add something to your, life, not take away anything that was already,there remember that an enthusiastic, person with lots of different interests, is very attractive as a partner don’t,make a new boyfriend or girlfriend the,center of your universe plus it’s unfair, to your partner if you become completely, dependent on them for your happiness, well-being and overall mood .

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you turn a blind eye to alarming signals,pay attention to any gut feelings doubts,and suspicions you may have if something, about your partner’s behaviour, seems, disturbing to you don’t hesitate to, address the issue right away don’t count,on your partner changing on their own if,someone really values you telling them,just once should be enough for that,person to start making an effort to,improve the situation don’t feel the,need to justify your partner’s actions,by their traumatic childhood issues at,work or family problems and if you are,constantly playing the role of victim in,your relationship you need to figure out why,

you relentlessly trust the opinion of your partner if you suddenly, catch yourself doing something you never, would have done before starting the relationship just because your partner, pressured you into it then this is bad, sign replacing your beliefs with those, of your partner means that you’re losing,a significant part of yourself it’s okay,to make genuine changes to your opinions,and viewpoints if that’s how you really, feel but blindly agreeing with, everything your partner says is a big, no-no you risk becoming your partner, shadow and this can not only be harmful, to you but also cause your partner to lose interest,

you get crazy jealous over, every little thing unfortunate, experiences in the past or a fear of, being forever alone shouldn’t affect,your present do the reasons for your, jealousy really exist or are they just a,figment of your imagination think long,and hard about it because nobody can stand constant distrust or the need to,always reassure you of their love on an,hourly basis of course jealousy can be,justified when there is a cause for, concern and if instead of hearing the, desired I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you, won’t happen again, your partner keeps convincing you that, it doesn’t mean anything you might want, to reconsider this relationship .

you can’t stand it when your, partner isn’t around it’s pretty common, to want to spend all of your time with, your new partner but it’s important to,acknowledge the fact that time spent,apart is also valuable remember that,there are things you can and sometimes, even have to do on your own, leave some healthy space between you and, your beloved if you don’t want to get, really tired of each other real fast, and don’t torture yourself with negative, thoughts like what if they’re with,someone else your partner is probably, just busy like most normal people they, might be hanging out with a friend,colleague or family member and that’s,something they should neither hide nor,ask permission for your anxiety won’t,change the situation for the better and,will definitely only make it worse don’t fill all of your free time with thoughts, of your partner focus on your own, responsibilities and things that make,you happy this will actually make your,boyfriend or girlfriend even more interested in you.

you justify,your partner’s terrible behaviour, blind love is a kind of double-edged,sword of course true love doesn’t care,how you look and embraces your flaws but,if you’re so blindly in love that you,ignore the important flaws like,unforgivable behaviour towards you or, others you’ve got yourself a problem, what you can’t see through your, rose-coloured glasses could actually be, extremely important later on in the, relationship if your date is perfect, courteous to you but then out of nowhere,starts screaming at the waiter for,mixing up the dishes this is a warning,sign, when the honeymoon phase of your, relationship is over it, could be you who,ends up having to listen to your partner’s insults.

you just, can’t say no whoever said you always, have to accept everything your love, interest proposes don’t hesitate to, refuse invitations to events that don’t, interest you or don’t fit your schedule,and definitely don’t accept requests,that you feel are inappropriate there’s, no reason to agree to something you, don’t want to do just because you don’t, want to offend your partner don’t lose, yourself just to please another person,
because in the end it won’t be, appreciated bonus what to do when your, emotions are about to take over when, negative emotions and troublesome, thoughts are literally overwhelming you,

Psychologist Olga Chiz
has some useful, advice one don’t blame your emotional state on your loved one you are the only, one responsible for your feelings two, don’t obsess over what your partner is, doing or overanalyze what their words or, actions mean don’t let negative, fantasies and speculations torment you, try focusing on the here and now more,often it can really help if you, concentrate on your breathing 3 create, within yourself an internal observer,this is a part of you that will preserve, objectivity
in any situation, no matter, what and will never let emotions take, over if you’re feeling emotional, overwhelmed look at the situation, through the eyes of your internal, observer and remember that those, feelings at that moment do not define, the entirety of your life,

for what can chew you up and distract, you from obsessive thoughts about your, partner a cup of coffee a good movie or, book exercise a hot bath talking to a, friend whatever it is used it to get out, of your head do you know any other signs, of an unhealthy relationship,

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