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Avoid this 5 Hair Myths One Should Get Rid Of

Avoid this 5 Hair Myths One Should Get Rid Of

The Indian Society has been associated with diverse beliefs and so have most of us been entangled in these uncountable myths. We have been brought up with these misconceptions that they have been imprinted in our minds indelibly. Therefore, it is crucial to debunk these myths and get over them. Hair has a vital role to play in our overall looks and no wonder we can’t mess with the health of our tresses. To ensure the proper wellbeing of our hair, it is also essential to know the facts which necessitate that we must get rid of some myths too. It is fundamental myths that we all must be aware of:

A Regular Haircut makes Hair Grow Faster

Most of our mothers have always said this and dragged us to the salon, but this is not the case. A regular haircut does the trick and makes our hair look healthier, thicker and fresher as it chops off the dry and dead ends. But, the actual growth of our hair takes place from the roots, and it undeniably has no relation with a haircut.

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One Must Shampoo their Hair Every day

This is a myth that most people do believe in and shampoo their hair every single day. However, this should not be done. The shampoo contains several chemicals that are harmful to our hair and scalp. These chemicals extract out the natural oils and leave our hair dry and brittle. It is always advised to shampoo twice or thrice a week.

Shampoo should be applied on the Entire Length of Hair

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The essential function of the shampoo is to cleanse our scalp. The dirt is always build-up on the scalp and not on the length of our hair. Whereas, the conditioner conditions the hair and should be applied on the hair ends to make them softer, and reduce split ends.

Greying of Hair happens because of Stress

The greying of hair happens because of the absence of the Pigment, Melanin. This pigment is responsible for providing black color to our hair. It is very often thought that the greying of hair takes place because of augmented stress levels. Stress can be an added factor for the greying of hair, but the leading cause is Melanin.

Dandruff means Dry Scalp

Dandruff doesn’t mean that one has dryness on the scalp. Dandruff is evolved due to the existence of a  particular type of yeast which is present in oily hair. Therefore, next time you see that you have dandruff in your hair, never relate your hair to being dry.

This one, unfortunately, is true: Men prefer longer hair.

According to studies, men are generally more attracted to women whose hair flows past their shoulders. In one study, women’s images were digitally altered to give them short, long, and medium-length hair. Men rated the same faces as more attractive when they were attached to more hair. In another study, long and medium-length hair improved male raters’ evaluation of female subjects’ health. Well, call us crazy, but we say the hell with that. Because one quick glance at Audrey, Halle, Tilda, or this model (at left) tells us that the cropped look can be sexy, seductive, and wildly glam.


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